By David Billingham - Managing Director

I've lived and breathed the retail industry for the last 25+ years. I worked on the shop floor with Majestic Wine and Habitat for over 10 years before moving in to IT and programming.
Just as great retailers work endlessly to understand their customers, Advanced Retail is customer focused. Our software continually evolves to ensure it does what YOU need to run your businesses - not just what we think it should do.
Our software looks a bit different to the run of the mill EPoS software and we think that we work differently too. We like to think we are your business partner - after all your success means success for us too!

"The customer centric focus translates into a business partnership ethos that runs right through the company"

We have a modest list of customers but we've worked with them over many years - which says something about the way we work. Building long term relationships is key to our success.
We work with national retailers who started with a handful of branches and now have dozens. Our systems accomodate this easily and continue to adapt to meet individual retailers particular requirements.
We try to keep the company steamlined helping us to keep our costs to you down too. Retailing doesn't always get a good name for looking after the planet, but we try to do our bit by using technolgy instead the car to minimise our C02 footprint

"We like to keep things simple, lean and efficient. Perhaps we’re a lot like you?”

So, if you are looking for a EPoS and supply chain system to meet your retail needs, and if you're looking for a business partner, not just a provider, we’re waiting to hear from you.