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Why choose us?
  • Simple licening and support costs
  • Till-Down Helpline available 7 days a week, helpdesk ticketting for tracking support queries
  • Hosted internally or externally. No branch server hardware costs
  • Designed to scale. Add new sites is a breeze
  • Low training costs.
  • Enterprise level database
Why choose us?
  • Many years of experience of Enterprise level retailing
  • Committed to keeping our product up to date - no legacy tail
  • Reactive to business needs - short lead times for critical business changes
  • We like collaboration: you can help shape the product and features
Product Features?
  • Logon from anywhere (with an internet connection)
  • Full supply chain functionaility: stock control, POs, stocktakes etc
  • Multiple site operation with no hassle - it just works!
  • Mobile devices for automation of shop procedures
  • No limits on products, barcodes per product and promotions
  • Track fraud and wastage
Added Value
  • Years of experience at adding custom features
  • Built by retailers for retailers
  • Minimise your Carbon Footprint!
  • New FAQ help section help you solve problems quickly
  • Stuck on something? Ask us - we love to help!
  • Worried about migrating to a new system? Don't worry - we'll do the techy stuff!