Power to the People
In the latest releases we have added in the ability for you to do bulk updates to product records.

We have often (and still will when needed) done bulk updates for customer from spreadsheets, but it is better for everyone if you can do the bulk updates yourself.

The "Product Update Import" allows you to update the product group, product category etc from a simple spreadsheet containing a product barcode and data for the field you want to update.

The fields that you can update are:

  1. Product Group
  2. Prod category
  3. All of the Attribute fields
  4. All of the Category fields
  5. Status
  6. NoDiscount
  7. Archive
  8. Commodity Code
There is now an import and export too in the new version of the promo maintenance so you can import products to be included\excluded from a promo. At present this is only available for the VolumeBreaks promo but this will be extended to all promo types as soon as possible.

If you can think of where an import o export would make your life simpler then please let me know.

As promised in my previous post here is an outline of a roadmap for the product over the next few months. 

As ever this is very much informed by what YOU need run your business, so if there things would like to see please do contact me.

  1. We aim to make it progressively easier to get information in and out of our system. in real terms this means adding various imports and exports to Excel. We;'ve already made some progress on this - see my next post.
  2. We will be making some significant changes to security and users
  3. PoS has contained an audit function for several versions now but forthcoming updates will make this audit trail much more complete. Hand in hand with that will be improved reporting for the audit trail so you can easily see who did what and when
  4. Incremental improvements in general navigation and ease of use
  5. Addition of Dashboards using graphing 
There is much more going on but these are the headline items that will affect the product the most. Please look out for posts about specific areas of functionality.

Reporting In
It's been a very long time since I've created a blog entry. I managed to delete the old blog name when we changed domains, but we've also been ferociously busy.

For years we have said we would add some more reporting features to the products but to-date we have failed to make a major impact on that front. That's about to change. 

Recently I managed find to a senior programmer who could work part time for us and I've given him (Rob) the responsibility for bringing a number of new features on line.
  1. We will be providing some reports in the form of graphs
  2. There will be a dashboard showing various metrics (the content of which will depend on your role). This will show on the first page after logging on
  3. We will introduce some interactive reporting (you change the criteria direct to the page show the report\graph 
  4. We will be providing some top level reporting specifically for smart phones
I am also hoping to allow you to upload your sales targets so the reporting can show your sales vs targets.

I'm hoping I can demo some of this in the next couple of months. The reporting for smart phones is likely to be delivered next year.

As ever please let me know what you think.


PS. Next post will a detailed roadmap of what we want to with the products in medium term.