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Our suite of products, cover Point of Sale (EPoS), back office functions at Store and at Head Office, mobile apps and various add on modules to provide an end to end solution for your business

In Store

Point of Sale (EPoS)

Our Point of Sale product offers a reliable, feature rich and stylish take on traditional EPoS. It is intuitive and easy to use but also a powerful customer service tool.

Select Products By
  • Barcode Scan
  • Text Search
  • Category Search
  • Button Screen
  • Simple Volume
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Multi Buy
  • Volume Price Breaks
  • Global Value
  • Product Information
  • Recent Product Sales
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Product Purchases
Other Features
  • Gift Voucher Tracking
  • Customer Database - tag sales against customer
  • Postcode Lookup
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Gift Receipts
  • Refund against original sale
  • Account Sales
  • User Clock In\Out
  • Layoffs
  • Customer Orders
  • Much more...

Control is everything in a retail environment so all key functions can be controlled by user level and every key stroke is audited against the user, so you can track who did what and when and hold people to account for their actions.

We offer integration with two EFT card payment providers: Verifone and YesPay which helps to provide a seamless experience for your customer and elminates charging mistakes.

Retail Admin

Our browser based back office product allows branch control of administrative functions. All functions are controlled by user level so can you easily restrict key functions to managers.

Key Functionality
  • Product\Stock Enquiries
  • Label Printing
  • Stocktaking
  • PO Creation
  • PO Receipts
  • Inter Branch Transfers
  • Stock Reporting
  • Sales Reporting
  • Mobile Data
  • Much more...

Mobile App

Our in-store mobile app is designed to run on Datalogic Memor or Datalogic Skorpio which provide suitable retail-hardened Windows mobile computer. Other hardware platformas are possible on request.

The app is designed to integrate with our Retail Admin product. Stock control tasks can been speeded up and made more reliable. Using this products a led to significant and measurable lifts in productivity of many of our customers.

Product\Quantity Capture
Capturing products and quantities can be used for many functions when downloaded.
  • Stock Movements
  • Stocktaking
  • Label Printing
  • Min\Max Change Requests
Other Functions
The software also provides dedicated functions for:
  • Stocktaking
  • PO Receipts
  • Min\Max Change Requests

Head Office

Retail Admin

Our browser based back office product allows complete control of administrative, product, stock and reporting functions.

  • Easily create new Products
  • Auto generate barcodes
  • Clone products
  • Multiple price list
  • Scheduled price changes
  • Multiple grouping options
  • Product images
  • Multiple Suppliers per product
  • Supplier product information
  • Much more...
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Suggested Purchase Orders based on stock and Min\Max levels
  • Schedule suggested Purchase Orders
  • Send POs by Email or EDI
  • Require PO authorisation (optional)
  • Maintain Min\Max levels
  • Internal Replenishment (from distribution warehouse(s))
A comprehensive range of reports and exports. All reports can be saved as PDF, CSV or Excel. Reports include:
  • Stock Value, Stock Postion, Stock vs Min\Max
  • Product Listing (various views)
  • Sales By Product, Grouped Sales, Grouped Sales Summary
  • Outstanding POs, Delivered POs
  • Discount and Promotions
  • Security and Audit
  • Much more...
Reports may be scheduled to be sent to your email address.
Promotion, Loyalty and Prompts
  • Setup Simple Volume, Buy X Get Y, Multi Buy, Volume Price Breaks, Global Value promos
  • Setup loyalty rules
  • Restrict scope of promos by date range, branch, price list and customer type
  • Maintain loyalty card list
  • Setup Sales Prompts to encourage add-on sales
PoS Maintenance
  • Button Screen creation: control global, branch or till specific screens
  • PoS permissions: control which user types can use each poS function
  • Add and maintain customer data
  • View sales for selected customer
General Maintenance
Many file maintenance functions to cover all aspects of the system including:
  • Users
  • Branches and Tills
  • Groups and Categories
  • Reasons
  • Full New Product Update\Import
  • Simple New Product Import
  • Product Update Import
  • Customer Loyalty Import
  • Promo Items Export\Import
  • More coming soon...

Customer Orders Module

The Customer Orders is browser based sales ordering system which is an add on module for our retail Retail Admin products. It is designed for telephone\MO BTBN environments.

  • Customer History
  • Visible\variable product margin
  • Back Orders


We have many years of experience at making our systems talk to thirdparty systems. For customers whiching to make use of industry standard web services we provide functionailty of collecting and inputting data:

Web Services - Incoming Data
  • Adding\updating products
  • Stock Movements
  • Internal Replenishment Deliveries
Web Services - Outgoing Data
  • New\Changed Products
  • Stock Level Changes
  • New\Changed Customers
  • Sales
  • Stock Movements
Web Services Client Adapter
For customers that want leverage existing inputs\outputs from other products we have our own adapter\client for our webservices which allows us to consume third party data and transform it into calls to our standard webservices. We can consume most data types:
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Fixed width files
  • XML
Other Integrations
We also provide other integrations:
  • Ebay
  • Sage Line50
  • Exchequer Accounts
  • Magento Webcart


Retail Admin

An add on module for our Retail Admin product provides support for running a distribution warehouse.

Store Replenishment
  • View Requests for Stock
  • Create Picks
  • Assign Picks to Users(Pickers)
  • Update\Confirm stock transfers to stores
Warehouse Management
  • Record stock data by physical stock location
  • Manage primary picking locations
  • Inter location stock movements
  • Goods In From Suppliers
  • Control Wastage\Writeoffs
  • View picker performance
  • Plus much more...

Mobile App

We provide an app that runs on Windows Mobile platforms and works with out Retail Admin Warehouse module. It provides the following:

  • Order Picking
  • PO Receipts
  • Primary Pick Replenishment
  • Inter Location Movements
  • Write Offs
  • Plus much more...